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Advantage CS

AdvantageCS is the developer of Members Advantage — membership, subscription management, and product fulfilment software for membership organisations, publishers and information providers. Leading organisations rely on Members Advantage to manage their membership and donations, conferences and events, digital subscriptions, entitlements, magazines, bundles, e-products, continuity programs, product orders, payments and customer service. Advantage also offers a comprehensive eCommerce platform, multi-channel sales, high availability, sophisticated business intelligence tools, multi-currency, and multi-local taxation.

Marketers will be more effective at discovering member interests and behaviour with one, integrated solution which incorporates both the publishing and membership “sides” of the organisation. Member services will find all the information they need to provide better care in less time by using Members Advantage.

Built on the Advantage platform, Members Advantage fully integrates with the entire Advantage solution, including world-class subscription management. It allows you to handle group renewals and to offer a vast array of discounts and promotions, including bundles of products and content access.

A privately-held corporation, AdvantageCS has developed software since 1979. Financially sound, with a worldwide reputation for superior software and service, AdvantageCS is a trusted partner of many global organisations.

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