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future leaders – of learned and professional societies

We are delighted to announce the new date for Society Street UK, which will be Wednesday, 25 November 2020 at The Law Society in London.  

The conference will bring together senior – and future –  society leaders for a day of discussion, debate, networking, and information exchange, that is uniquely focused on the whole organisation.

"Found it highly focused and very well organised. Thank you"

Society Street fosters building relationships with your peers through stimulating conversation, with discussion groups to explore challenges more deeply, topic tables at lunchtime to continue the conversations, and an agenda that poses the difficult questions we all need to find answers to.

"Very valuable to spend time out of the office to think about the bigger picture"

The programme committee are working on building the programme for November 2020, so watch this space. We will be asking questions that cross through membership, recruitment, publishing and meetings, as well as addressing the Coronavirus situation and its impact on current and future working.

In the meantime, take a look at the webinars that were recorded during the Society Street virtual conference on 26 March, which replaced the physical event in Washington, D.C. The videos of the sessions can be viewed on-demand here:

Register for conference updates here, and follow along on Twitter @Society_Street.

We look forward to seeing you in November.

Kind regards, 

Simon Inger, Conference Chair and Sam Burrell, Programme Chair


"Talks were excellent and networking with others was invaluable"

Society Street 2018 delegate

"I love the intimate nature of the meeting. The speakers were open and frank."

Society Street 2019 delegate

"Seeing the whole picture and not just one part or aspect, which other conferences seem to focus on"

Society Street 2018 delegate

"Found it highly focused and very well organised. Some very interesting topics - a worthwhile meeting"

Society Street 2019 delegate

"Very valuable to spend time out of the office to think about the bigger picture."

Society Street 2019 delegate


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